Why use MAMBA SPORT during physical exercise?
MAMBA SPORT is a dynamic brace, as it activates solely when the joints or muscles are in motion, without inhibiting proprioception at rest. During physical exercise it reduces the production of lactic acid, by improbing blood circulation to the muscles, thanks to the properties of carbon fibre.

Can I use MAMBA SPORT for other activites as well?
Yes, absolutely: Even if MAMBA SPORT has been developed as a sports brace, it can be also be used in everyday life if you need extra and reliable support to your daily movements.
It can be used safely throughout the day and can also be worn underneath your clothes discreetly, without losing its effectiveness.

How do I wear  MAMBA SPORT?
Wearing a MAMBA SPORT brace is very easy indeed: each product comes with an instructions leaflet included in the package and in addition to that, a fitting video is also available on our website.

I’m wearing a MAMBA SPORT brace for the first time and I feel a tingling sensation, is it normal?
Yes absolutely, unlike other braces, MAMBA SPORT is not a static brace which keeps the joints and muscles blocked in one position despite of its load; on the contrary, it is a dynamic support which allows the natural movements of the body providing a high protection without excessive pressure on the skin.

How long does a MAMBA SPORT brace last for?
MAMBA SPORT supports are produced with the best materials available on the international market.
We have all of the necessary certifications in order to guarantee the maximum durability. The normal deterioration of the product is determined by the frequency of use and by the proper maintenance of the brace

How do I wash a MAMBA SPORT brace?
MAMBA SPORT braces must be hand washed in cold water (maximum 30°C ), they must not be bleached, must not be dried in a tumble dryer and must not be ironed. In any case, always refer to the instructions leflet included in the package.

I have articulation/tendon problems, can MAMBA SPORT help me to improve my situation?
Yes, absolutely, as it improves the stabilization of the articulation during its movement. Furthermore the integrated taping in the brace reduces the loads on the tendons, giving support to the articulation movement. In any case it is always recommended to consult a specialist for suitable advice.

Are there any MAMBA SPORT before/after videos?
Yes, of course, MAMBA SPORT is already worn by world-renowned athletes. Soon you will find them all on both our website and social media channels: continue following us and … BE IN ACTION!