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Elastic Ankle band with rear tie

Elastic ankle band for total stabilization and with a specific rear tie to relieve the tension of the Achilles tendon.
It is the ideal joint support for all athletes performing continuous leaps and races during their sports activity. The fabric is light and thin so that the ankle band can be worn comfortably inside a shoe.

Performance Performance 1
Prevenzione Prevention 3
Stabilità Stability 3
Riabilitazione Rehabilitation 3
 Feeling of Safety 3
Fibra di Carbonio Carbon Fibre
Made in Italy  Made in Italy

Combined “C6Tex®” – carbon material:
Antistatic: carbon fibre absorbs and disperses electrical charges.
High performance: during physical exercise, it decreases the concentration of lactic acid and improves blood circulation and cellular oxygenation.
Breathable, thermoregulator, bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic.


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  • *Larghezza - Width

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    *Taglia - Size
    Circonferenza caviglia Ankle circumference Circonferenza avampiede Forefoot circumference
    XS < 15 cm. 15-18 cm.
    S 15-20 cm. 18-21 cm.
    M 20-25 cm. 21-24 cm.
    L 25-30 cm. 24-27 cm.
    Come conoscere la tua taglia - How to know your size
    Circonferenza caviglia - Ankle circumference
    Circonferenza avampiede - Forefoot circumference