Knee Band

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Subpatellar strap

Strap provided with a special presser to treat the inflammation of the patellar tendon.

The use of this support is especially recommended when suffering severe pain and, for complete protection, it can be combined with the Mamba Kneen band.

Performance Performance 1
Prevenzione Prevention 1
Stabilità Stability 1
Riabilitazione Rehabilitation 3
 Feeling of Safety 2
Fibra di Carbonio Carbon Fibre
Made in Italy  Made in Italy
Sistema brevettato Patended System

Combined “C6Tex®”- carbon material:
Antistatic:Carbon fibre absorbs and disperses electrical charges.
High performance: during physical exercise, it decreases the concentration of lactic acid and improves blood circulation and cellular oxygenation.
Breathable, thermoregulator, bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic.

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