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Low elastic corset

Elastic corset with a sporty design and fully flexible and mouldable slats that follow every movement of your body.It is particularly indicated during sporting activity because it relieves the spine and prevents backache while the carbon fibre fabric protects from sprains and contractures.


Performance Performance 1
Prevenzione Prevention 2
Stabilità Stability 3
Riabilitazione Rehabilitation 2
 Feeling of Safety 3
Fibra di Carbonio Carbon Fibre
Made in Italy  Made in Italy

Height: 20cm.

Combined “C6Tex®” –  carbon material:
Antistatic: Carbon fibre absorbs and disperses electrical charges.
High performance: during physical exercise, it decreases the concentration of lactic acid and improves blood circulation and cellular oxygenation.
Breathable, thermoregulator, bacteriostatic, hypoallergenic.

Utilizzo Colour
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  • *Larghezza - Width

    • 24 €
     Circonferenza bacino - Basin Circumference
    XS70-80 cm.
    S80-90 cm. 
    M90-100  cm. 
    L100-110  cm. 
    XL110-120  cm.