You had a small accident that did not require excessive rehabilitation interventions and, after the right rest period you chose or have indicated to you, you’re ready to restart.
The desire is certainly enormous, cause you don’t want to lose the hard work of many weeks and, maybe, the race you were aiming for is approaching.
The problem is that, at the first movement of the affected part, you’ll feel a slight soreness. and, never like in this circumstance, the perfection of the athletic gesture will be fundamental.
Wearing a support, that protects the affected muscles or joints and minimizes biochemical errors, will allow you to face the activity with the usual determination.
Mamba’s products, made with top quality yarns, combined with C6TEX carbon, will accompany you in the recovery, taking away every fear.
Discover in the BUY BY TYPE OF PRODUCT area the most suitable rehabilitation support for your problem.

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