Throughout the year 2018 Mamba will be the Official Contractor of the FGI (Italian Gymnastics Federation).

Mamba has always collaborated with the best athletes and professional trainers in gymnastics to ensure the highest quality, endurance and functionality of sports aids.

This strong synergy has been rewarded and has risen even higher, so as to join the Federation, the only representative in Italy recognized by the international bodies of Artistic Gymnastics for Men, Artistic Gymnastics for Women, Rhythmic Gymnastics, Trampoline, Aerobic Gymnastics and Gymnastics for All. Their activities also include the Health and Fitness section. Federginnastica is empowered with full technical, organisational and management autonomy, in accordance with the resolutions and guidelines of CONI, F.I.G. and CIO.

At the basis of this partnership is a common purpose: safeguard the physical and sporting wellbeing of Italians and the development of amateur gymnastics, take care of the training of athletes and prepare adequate means for participation in all international and national competitions.

Saturday, May 12 Mamba will be Partner Sponsor of Monza 10K.

Supporting the sports activities and events of our territory is momentous: Mamba, in fact, has its operative and productive headquarters in the heart of Monza and Brianza, at Biassono, and is well aware of the importance of this race for many fellow citizens.

This year the 10K has reached its eleventh edition: a day dedicated to runners and joggers that includes a POPULAR race along a 5 km path at a free rhythm, dedicated to everyone and starting at 20:00.

At 9:30 p.m. a competitive CHRONO FIDAL race and a non-competitive race will take place over a distance of 10 km, dedicated to professionals and to those who want to have a try at a longer distance for the first time.

The two races will take place in the same evening, bringing the champions closer to families, children and many fans.

We will attend with our stand at the Village 10K in Piazza Trento Trieste where everyone can try and see for themselves the quality of Mamba’s joint and muscle sports supports.

Since we are talking about running, special attention must be given to Mamba Calf, the calf pad that improves performance and prevents injuries caused by muscle fatigue. Only participants can buy it with a special discount!

Visit us!

We will be waiting for you on Saturday, May 12 at the Village 10K in Piazza Trento Trieste, in Monza!

This year Mamba Sport is the Official Supporter of Italy’s most famous City Race: Stramilano 2018.

For the whole day of Sunday 25 March, amateur and professional runners, families and groups of friends will participate in this special sporting event, running or just walking through the streets of Milan.

Three courses are planned: the Stramilano 10 km race, that will run through the streets of Milan from Piazza Duomo to the Arena Civica “Gianni Brera”, the Stramilanina 5 km race, less demanding and intended for children, and finally (on one’s last legs) the Stramilano Half Marathon with its course of 21,097 km!

No matter which course you choose, the important thing is to go through this sports event with a spirit of solidarity, friendship and sound competition but above all in total safety, without the risk of painful muscle injuries.

You’ve certainly trained very seriously for this enjoyable challenge, but remember: even the most experienced runner always needs the right support.

The Mamba Calf pad, for example, is the ideal solution for you who are fond of running: thanks to the internal taping texture, it carries out an important preventive and adjuvant activity by supporting the muscle; moreover, a carbon thread is woven inside the noble fabric, which reduces the formation of lactic acid and improves your sports performance and recovery time.

Mamba has a very special gift in store only for you who will participate in the Stramilano… But I cannot give anything away yet! You’ll have to wait a few more days, just the time to let some snow melt, and collect your number at the Registration Points or at the Stramilano Centre.

Not really?! Not registered yet? Do it at once! Trust me, you’ll be really surprised at what you’ll find in the bag, something you can’t do without it anymore, both in the race and in training.

I assure you that with Mamba you will race your best Stramilano ever.

Good luck!