A correct setting of the movement of any part of your body, in addition to avoiding dangerous biomechanical mistakes, can provide an additional boost to improvement, because the technical gesture is one of the pre-eminent aspects for the final result. Mamba’s supports, made with materials of the highest quality, hypoallergic and breathable, can help you finding progress that, maybe, you thought unattainable. The peculiarity of our articles consists, besides being light and comfortable, in the integrated taping effect: the elastic straps, positioned at the joint, support and accompany it during uploading, without immobilizing the movement. They’re dynamic supports, because they activate only when necessary, for the benefit of proprioceptive effects, namely the reflexes. Another fundamental point is represented by the carbon fiber, set between the fabric, which will act against the production of lactic tissue reducing it to 10/12%* and will increase the strength because the muscle will be less fatigued. Discover in the BUY FOR SPORTS area the most suitable support for your activity.

*scientific proof

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